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Marvell bluetooth driver module(bt8787.ko) insertion throws error.

Question asked by Pt A R on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by Pt A R

Hi Qiang Li - Mpu Se, igorpadykov Yixing Kong raymond wang alejandrolozano imxcommunityscout Xinyu (eric) Chen

Development Board     : MCIMX28EVK

Linux version              : Linux 2.6.35


I am using a wifi+bt module(w2cbw0015) of WI2WI. The vendor's site provides driver source((linux2.6.35) for this module, but it doesn't contains bluetooth support driver source(bt8787).So I have downloaded bt8787 souce of linux2.6.34 version.

I have changed the kernel folder to imx linux 2.6.35 and build wifi,bt source. Thus built mlan.ko,sd8xxx.ko,bt8xxx.ko files.


Since I have downloaded bt8787 source(supports linux2.6.34) and wifi source(supports linux2.6.35), I am confused to select firmware image(sd8787_uapsta.bin).

But I used the firmware image which I have got with wifi source.


Firmware Image (sd8787_uapsta.bin) copied to lib/firmware/mrvl location.

Then I have used the following commands

insmod  mlan.ko

insmod sd8xxx.ko drv_mode=3 fw_name=mrvl/sd8787_uapsta.bin

insmod bt8xxx.ko


The insmod  bt8xxx.ko throws the following error:


root@freescale /home/user$ insmod bt8xxx.ko

bt8xxx: Unknown symbol hci_suspend_dev (err 0)

bt8xxx: Unknown symbol hci_free_dev (err 0)

bt8xxx: Unknown symbol hci_resume_dev (err 0)

bt8xxx: Unknown symbol hci_alloc_dev (err 0)

bt8xxx: Unknown symbol hci_unregister_dev (err 0)

bt8xxx: Unknown symbol hci_recv_frame (err 0)

bt8xxx: Unknown symbol hci_register_dev (err 0)

insmod: can't insert 'bt8xxx.ko': unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter


The config file is attached here. Please help me to solve this issue.

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