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Ping to TWRK64F120M not working

Question asked by Mangesh_Edake on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by Perla Andrea Moncada Fajardo

Dear All,


I have a TWRK64F120M board.

But I am NOT able to ping the TWR board.

I doubt on the JUMPER settings.

As per  “TWR-K64F120M Tower Module User’s Guide” (TWRK64F120MUG.pdf)

Section 6.15 Ethernet and 1588


Table 5. Ethernet operation jumper settings


TWR-K64                J32          -                ON

       “ “                       J33          -                OFF


TWR-SER               J2             -                3-4

        “ “                     J3             -                2-3

       “ “                      J11           -                9-10       (THESE PINS ARE ABSENT IN J11)



  1. With default settings (MII Mode):  Board detects link (cable plugged in), static IP is assigned, but it doesn’t ping.

                                                                                With DHCP, it doesn’t even obtain an IP address.

  1. With above Table-5 settings (RMII Mode):  Board even doesn’t detect link (RJ45 LEDs do not blink, when cable is plugged in)  


I observed that BSP initializes MAC in RMII mode.

May be I am doing something wrong or my understanding is wrong.

So I request to please guide me and correct me if in case I am wrong or missing any crucial step.


I appreciate your help and support.

Thanking you,


Mangesh Edake