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DMA: M2M block transfer with different minor loop offsets for source and destination (K70)

Question asked by Martin Kjeldsen on Jun 10, 2014
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I have a question regarding Memory To Memory transfer on K70 of a block of memory from source to destination using different offsets after each line has been processed (minor loop) (Figure 1). What is the most effective solution for this?


                                             Figure 1


The only method that seemed applicable from documentation is to use DMA_TCDn_NBYTES_MLOFFYES (Minor Loop and Offset Enabled), and apply MLOFF (Bits 10-29) to BOTH source (SADDR) and destination (DADDR) - But i'm interested in using different offsets. (I haven't been able to find any usage exampels on this scenario).


How does DMA_TCDn_DOFF / DMA_TCDn_SOFF relate to MLOFF in this case? Will using DOFF and SOFF in combination with DMA_TCDn_NBYTES_MLOFFNO (Minor loop enabled and offset disabled) give us the same as using DMA_TCDn_NBYTES_MLOFFYES which has a built in offset?


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