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How to communicate to a host(PC) from a usb mass storage device(iMX28 g_mass_storage)

Question asked by ユーリ レリョーサ on Jun 9, 2014
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Board: i.MX28 custom device


I am developing a device that when connected via USB is seen as a mass storage device on the host PC(the easy part)

Now from the Host Application I would like to send and receive data to the device for status checks and other things.

This would have been easy if g_mass_storage works with g_serial, and I can just use serial communications.

But it seems you cannot register both at the same time. (Or is there a way to do this?)

I am planning of usng LibUSBDotNet on the Host side which it seems capable of sending data to the USB endpoints.

How would I go about communicating with the Host and catching those endpoints data whilst enabling the Mass Storage to function.

I would not really want to resort to communicating via file read/write(device write status to a file, host reads from file)

If there is some smart way to do this, you're advice would really be appreciated