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Booting both u-boot and Linux from SD P2041RDB

Question asked by Connor Quick on Jun 9, 2014
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I previously made a thread here: Boot P2041RDB-PB from SD Card? and got my question answered about how to boot u-boot from an SD card on the Freescale P2041RDB board. Now I am trying to load Linux onto the same SD card, and boot everything from it, so that it is easier to distribute a complete working image to our customers. I noticed this page, Booting to Linux from an SD Card/MMC for P2040/P2041 , but it only shows how to boot Linux with JUST Linux, no u-boot on the SD card. What is the process to load the kernel, rootfs, and fdt from the SD card?

If you need anymore information please ask and I'll be happy to provide it.


Thank you so much for your help,