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TWR-K60F120M DAC problems

Question asked by Aaron Curtis on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by Aaron Curtis

My company is evaluating Kinetis chips for an new project.  I've just recently started working with the TWR-K60F120M tower kit via Kinetis Design Studio and have been quite successful so far (interfacing with UART, ADC, misc Timer configs, etc...); however, I am having trouble getting output from the DACs.  In KDS, I select the DAC component in the Components Library (DA1=DAC0, DA2=DAC1), use defauls (right justified/unsigned, enable on init, pin output enabled, etc...), generate the code and have adapted mainline code from the component  "Typical Usage"  help page (see below).  I receive no compilation errors and debugging shows that my code seems to be doing what I want...except I'm not getting any output...  I'm probing pins A32 (DAC0_OUT) and B32 (DAC1_OUT) on the edge connector, using TP17(GND) as my probe ground and I'm expecting to see a sawtooth, but no dice.


Has anyone had similar issues or provide some assistance with my problem?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


    word i = 0;

    for(;;) {

      if (i==4095) {


      } else {