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Creating a new project - FRDM-KL02Z

Question asked by Mark Adamson on Jun 9, 2014
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I have been able to get the example projects that where supplied with the package to work. I have also been able to edit the projects, adding my own c code (simple code, like creating integer arrays, basic loops). At the moment I am just practicing to program in C so nothing too complicated with the board. I have been using the putty terminal to practice programming in C.


My problem however is that I have tried to create my very own project and practice programming on a brand new project rather than editing the example projects. When I created my own project, I just put in a simple printf() statement, but I got errors saying saying something about WriteUARTN, ReadUARTN.....


So my question is how do I create a new project that I can put onto the board (maybe toggle LEDs for example)?