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Memory assign of p2020rdb

Question asked by Min Zhao on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Catalin Demergian

Hello there,

I an designing a product using p2020cpu refering to the design of p2020rdb-pc. I have 4GB DDR, 32MB Nor Flash and no PCI. So I have to modify the memory map.In 36-bit u-boot my memory map:

                               0x0_0000_0000  0x0_ffff_ffff   DDR 

                               0xf_e000_0000  0xf_e00f_ffff  CCSRBAR                                             

                               0xf_fe00_0000   0xf_ffff_ffff     NOR  (0xf_fff8_0000 uboot)


I already have the appropriate 36-bit u-boot, I want to download the .bin file to my board by Codewarrior(v10.3.3).

I have some questions:

(1)Can I assign the address as above? Can I assign the NOR base address as I want?

(2)Do the memory windows in the Codewarrior have relationship with the memory map in u-boot? Or I can assign the address as I want?

(3)How should I assign the memory windows in Codewarrior?

(4)How should I build a project to achieve my memory map?

The steps that I download a 32-bit u-boot to p2020rdb-pc in Codewarrior is:file>new>codewarrior bareboard project  wizard>board-p2020rdb-pc >others is default.In Target Task I set Target RAM 00002000-00030000,Base Address FF000000.

(5)Now should I also choose p2020rdb-pc board? How can I achieve the 36-bit?

(6)Should I modify the files such as p2020rdb-pc_init_core.tcl? How to modify it?

Best regards,

Min Zhao