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MCF5485 : slice timers

Discussion created by Paulhiac Eric on Aug 29, 2007
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 I am working with Coldfire 5485 and I want to use SLT0 slice timer in Interrupt Enable Mode.
But I never run the handler of the interrupt when SCNT0 reaches 0 ...
Here is my code for the initialization of the timer:
     // Interrupt source 53 
     vi_counterTimerTest   = 0;
     MCF_INTC_ICR53        = MCF_INTC_ICRn_IL(2) | MCF_INTC_ICRn_IP(7);
     MCF_SLT_SLTCNT0       = 0xFFFFFFFF;
     MCF_SLT_SCNT0         = 0xFFFFFFFF;
More precisions :
  • I put the IT Handler in my vector table, for the number 117 (0x75)
  • I've corrected the file mcf548x_slt.h (offset for some registers) 
  • I've writen 0x2000 in SR in order to unmask all ITs

Thanks for your help...


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