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MQX Lite - making a task ready

Question asked by David Sherman on Jun 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by David Sherman

Bear with me, this seems like it should be something simple, but the MQX Lite documentation isn't helping much with this.  I have made two tasks in PE.  Under the task settings, you can enable or disable the auto start.  So let's say I want one task to run to initialize something, then let task 2 run.  If I've made task 1 auto start and task 2 isn't, how do I start task 2?  What is the difference between a task descriptor and task ID?  All the examples I see use _create_task_at() to return the task ID.  I can't even find the word "descriptor" in the MQX Lite user's guide.  I think I want to use _task_ready() to start it, but it seems like there's no direct way of getting the descriptor for it.