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How to change ARM and SoC voltage by writing on HW registers?

Question asked by maurice on Jun 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by maurice

Hello community,

I want to change ARM and SoC voltages by writing on HW registers : PMU, CCM and CCM_ANALOG.

It is applied when the frequency is changing, 996 MHz to 792 MHz:

  1. Init PMU registers: values “1F” are written in reg_core.reg0_trig and reg_core.reg2_trig registers for ARM ans SoC.
  2. Init GPC register: value 0x80000000 is written in IMR4 register
  3. Setting frequency and voltage:
    1. Setting CCM_CCSR registers for the target frequency. Saving the PLL into PLL_SW
    2. Setting new PLL-ARM
    3. Change voltage thanks to PMU registers and operating points of the data sheet. I write into PMU_REG_CORE register.
    4. Wait update voltage.
    5. Clear the PLL_SW.


Despite I followed the data sheet, only the frequency has changed. ARM and SoC voltages are the same. Did I miss something?

I compared to CPUFREQ driver where the voltage changed.


I use:

  • Linux-3.0.35
  • CPUFREQ driver is disabled
  • iMX6 quad


Thank you