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Audio codec configuration in i.MX6Q  for 3.10.17 kernel

Question asked by Krishnan P on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by Krishnan P

Hello All,



I have a custom board similar to SabreLite which has linux 3.10.17 kernel  running. Now I am trying to bring up sound on this board. The coded is  uda1380 codec that interfaced  through esai.

The codec used 3 Tx paths and 2 Rx paths

If my understanding is correct, I need to configure following module to bring up audio in my .dts file

1. esai

2. codec

3. clocks for codec

I am little puzzled with the Audio sus bsystem used in i.MX6Q,


There are two queries I have.

1. Do I need to configure audio port mux if i use standard I2S communication to codec and ALSA ?

2. Is there any application note which I can refer to understand better  on Audio subsystem.


Also the uda1380 codec does not support device tree configuration, any one used this driver with latest kernels?


thanks in advance..