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iMX6 - How to enable TCCR/TCSR event channel IRQ

Question asked by Justin Farrelly on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by David Price

When we are setting the Timer Interrupt Enable bit (TIE) in the ENET_TCSRn register (and all the other bits we believe are necessary) the interrupt is not firing even though the event conditions for the interrupt are being met. (We are seeing the conditions match in the counter to fire the interrupt by use of instrumentation in the kernel).


We think we are missing some other enable bit in the interrupt structure that enables this particular interrupt  further up the chain. If someone would be kind enough to suggest some (any) places (registers)  to look for enables, or can make any other sensible suggestions we would appreciate it as we are having a little snow blindness right now!


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Note: We believe the correct IRQ is 151 ENET - MAC 0 1588 Timer interrupt [synchronous] request, enabled by TIE (as above). I am guessing part of the question/answer is are we missing an interrupt mask for this somewhere?