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ppp over serial

Question asked by netra on Jun 4, 2014


I have already posted this query in many threads  but could not get any appropriate solution.

So, I am reposting my query with more details:-

I am using mcf52259 .

I want to connect mcf52259 to modem using serial port .(mcf52259--------------------->Modem)

I took sample code to start ppp in mqx and it works fine when connected to PC.

mcf52259--------serial port--------->PC

Now, i want Mcf52259 to communicate with modem through serial port .

I want to send AT commands from MCF52259 to modem to start ppp & ppp of mqx should syn with modem for further data transfer how to go further with this .

AT command which i am gone send to start PPP in modem is





The given above AT commands starts ppp in modem.

what changes i need to do n sample code make it works .



please do reply

Thanks in advance