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MQX 4.1 FTP fails

Question asked by David Cantero on Jun 4, 2014



I have an application that uses FTP server on a SD CARD working in MQX 4.0 and I have updated the OS to 4.1 version. The FTP server has been improved in this OS version and  I didn`t found the FTP example code (mfs_ftp in previous releases). I have built a test application based on a mfs_sd example (file system in a SD card) and HVAC demo code wich configure a FTP server.  The code of the network task is a copy from the HVAC demo (see atached code file).


When I try to connect via FTP I obtained this error:




Some ideas about how to solve this issue? Do someone have an example code for FTP in MQX 4.1?   


Thanks in advance


David Cantero.

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