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CPU Clock configuration

Question asked by David Sherman on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2016 by Const Yu

Hello, I'm trying to configure the clock for a Kinetis MKE06Z128 on the FRDM-KE06 board.  I had an MQX-Lite application running using the default internal clock, but when I try to configure for the 8 MHz crystal, it doesn't work and the crystal is not oscillating.  Is there a separate component I need to add to control the OSC module?  I have these settings in the clock settings for the CPU module:


System Oscillator - checked

Clock Frequency - 8 MHz

Oscillator operating mode - low power


Clock source settings:

ICS mode - FEE

FLL output - 40 MHz (only option)

ICS output clock - 10 MHz (also tried 40 MHz, doesn't work)


I have enabled the SetClockConfiguration method under the CPU component.