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Moving a Function to, then Executing from RAM (Kinetis)

Question asked by nicholasf on Jun 3, 2014

After reading AN4329, I attempted to implement the relocation of a function to internal RAM, but cannot get the compiler to do it.[1]  The only difference between my program and the example is that the "funcInRAM" is located in a different '.c' file, and I believe this is causing the problem.  I have read through some other discussions on this forum which discuss other problems, but not this one.[2][3][4][5]


The problem is visible in the xMAP, which shows that "my_ram" (where the function should have been relocated to) is empty.


# .my_ram

#>2000C000          ___myRAMStart (linker command file)

#>2000C000          ___myRAMEnd (linker command file)

#>00000000          ___CodeSize (linker command file)


The main loop calls the 'funcInRAM()' repeatedly in an infinite loop, and the 'funcInRAM' is defined as follows in a separate file:



#pragma define_section mySectionInRAM ".myCodeInRAM" far_absolute RX

#pragma section mySectionInRAM begin


void funcInRAM(void){



#pragma section mySectionInRAM end



I have attached my LCF to this post.


I appreciate any help, as I am quite stuck on this.



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