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Extending the Default Memory Pool via _mem_extend

Question asked by Michael Taliaferro on Jun 3, 2014
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MQX Version: 4.0

CodeWarrior Version: 10.5

Processor: MK70FN1M0VMJ12


I am attempting to extend the default memory pool for my application which based off the mk70 tower kit originally.  The actual call in my application that I am using is:


_mqx_uint ret_val = mem_extend((void *)0x71000000,5000000);


This will cause my application to not work correctly in that I receive unhandled Interrupts later in my application which should have interrupt handlers assigned.  If I only extended the memory by 3 MB (i.e. _mem_extend((void *) 0x71000000, 3000000)), everything works as it should and i do not get the unhandled ISRs.


Does anyone know why this would happen?  Any other guidance on documentation, Application Notes, etc. would be appreciated.  I am open to any means of increasing the default RAM size.  I have tried creating other system memory pools as well, but receive the same type of observation of unhandled Interrupts.


Thank you!


-Mike T