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Need DDR3 test case for imx53

Question asked by Rambabu Pillalamarri on Jun 3, 2014



We are using a custom board based on imx53 QSB and OS is WCE7.


We are trying a drop in replacement of DDR3 chip.

New DDR3 - MT41K128M16JT-125:K

Current DDR3 - MT41J128M16HA-15E:D


Even though chip manufacturer suggested this as drop in replacement for the existing chip, we don't see that DDR3 is initialized and don't see that code is running. I am not sure what is going wrong  and all i know is code is not running. I don't have JTAG for this to check what is going wrong. I have to depend on configuration settings change or any test tool which can diagnose the problem in DDR3 configuration.


What is the best way to start what is going wrong with this?


I am looking at how i can have a DDR test which can run from IRAM and diagnose the problem with DDR3? I have searched in this forums for any DDR3 test codes like this and found Need IMX53 DDR3 test code this forum is most suitable, but code is not downloading, attached automatically generated log file a.a. After looking at main.c code, its inferred that QSB might be using UART1 for RS232, but our custom board uses UART2 as debug port i.e. RS232, Is this the reason that code is not getting downloaded to IRAM?


I was looking for source code this test code, but could not locate, once i find, can this be compiled in my WCE 7 environment, can i get this as one WCE 7 project?


Even if i get this done everything, how this test code will be useful in finding what is going wrong with my DDR3 new chip?


Kindly provide your thoughts and answers.




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