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Enableing and Booting from the eSDHC3

Question asked by Wayne Eckertson on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2014 by igorpadykov

I am in (desperate) need of help getting our iMX51 to boot from an eMMC connected to the eSDHC3.  Since I am only a lowly hardware engineer and don't have experience with uBOOT and the ROM, please reply with small words and walk me through the concepts. 


My software team has been struggling with the getting any communication to the eMMC.  One of our software engineers determined that the uBOOT was only enabling the first two eSDHC.  He has attempted to add code to enable eSDHC3 but we have not been able to see any results.  Can someone help us out?


Our end goal is to get the Linux to boot from the eMMC but as a first step we would like to see read and write access through Linux.  Our system is currently booting Linux through a BDI3000 via JTAG and Ethernet.  We have been able to confirm the eMMC is functional by running tests on it through JTAG.


Our eMMC is connected to the eSDHC through the following pins.

  • CLK - NANDF_CS7 - ALT5
  • DAT7 - NANDF_D15 - ALT5
  • DAT6 - NANDF_D14 - ALT5
  • DAT5 - NANDF_D13 - ALT5
  • DAT4 - NANDF_D12 - ALT5
  • DAT3 - NANDF_D11 - ALT5
  • DAT2 - NANDF_D10 - ALT5
  • DAT1 - NANDF_D9 - ALT5
  • DAT0 - NANDF_D8 - ALT5


Thanks for the help.