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MQXLite user heap access by library

Discussion created by David E Seymour Employee on Jun 2, 2014


I have a customer using MQXLite with Kinetis K20.

They want to use CW10.x libraries that require malloc() functionality.

MQXLite does allow a task(s) to access and use a user heap.  I have tested that successfully.

Is there a way to enable a CW10.x library to access and use that user defined heap with MQXLite or is this just a capability of MQXLite?  I have not tested this.  Guessing that if we know the _malloc() calling in a library we could do a #define something like “#define _malloc   _lwmem_alloc to enable the library to use the MQXLite user heap but not certain if a library is expecting to use its own routine or not.

Any help or finger pointing appreciated.


OK…I just got off a phone call with my customer and he believes doing the #define will work for their system and their libraries.  I was thinking customer wanted that capability with CW10.x libraries (development tool libraries) and was wrong. Customer wants to use the MQXLite user heap with their own custom libraries.


So now I do not have any question but figured I would share this email thread in case someone else has similar request from customer.






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