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iMX6Q DSI channel clock configuration (HS and LP modes)

Question asked by Julio Cruz on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by Alex Reddy


I'm using a MIPI-DSI panel and trying to config the timing modifying the file: mxcfb_hx8369_wvga.c.

I can communicate with the panel controller in LP mode. I can get the status and setup other registers. However, the display don't show anything.

According with the panel controller, the clock period in HS mode must be greater than 4 ns however in the scope is 3sns. So, I think this could be the problem. To change the HS clock period I use the variable "max_phy_clk", however, the LP clock is also changed and I cannot setup the panel register (in LP mode).

Can I change the HS and LP clock independently?

Thanks for any suggestions,