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Oops: Exception in kernel mode, sig: 5 [#1]

Question asked by Chandra Shekhar on May 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by Chandra Shekhar


While loading one of the compiled linux kernel module on p2020 based board running on linux (fsl-image-core) uImage, I got below exception,


------------[ cut here ]------------                                                                                                

kernel BUG at /nobackup/chanmish/arad_for_rsp1/trunk/common/src/brcm_sdk/latest/sdk-all-6.3.4/../../../../../os/linux-qoriq-sdk/3.8-r11.1/git/arch/powerpc/include/asm/dma-mapping.h:147!

Oops: Exception in kernel mode, sig: 5 [#1]


Modules linked in: linux_kernel_bde(PO+)

NIP: f110397c LR: f1103f84 CTR: 00000000

REGS: ee631c60 TRAP: 0700   Tainted: P           O  (3.8.13-rt9-QorIQ-SDK-V1.5)

MSR: 00029000 <CE,EE,ME>  CR: 28002222  XER: 00000000

TASK = ee5c1900[2208] 'insmod' THREAD: ee630000 CPU: 0

GPR00: f1103f84 ee631d10 ee5c1900 00800000 00000000 ef17c7f8 e00ff000 00000e00

GPR08: ff541215 00000000 00000000 ef17c7f8 88002282 10029140 c077c958 0000fff1

GPR16: c008f1c8 00000000 00000124 f1105d84 f1107d90 00000023 00000001 c07fa5bc

GPR24: ee294d40 c0840000 00000000 f110c000 ee630000 f1107ea0 f11087b8 f1107ea0

NIP [f110397c] _alloc_mpool+0x9c/0xa0 [linux_kernel_bde]

LR [f1103f84] _init+0x3b8/0x480 [linux_kernel_bde]

Call Trace:

[ee631d10] [f1107ea0] _ndevices+0x0/0xffffd098 [linux_kernel_bde] (unreliable)
[ee631d20] [f1103f84] _init+0x3b8/0x480 [linux_kernel_bde]
[ee631de0] [f110c09c] init_module+0x9c/0x178 [linux_kernel_bde]
[ee631df0] [c00021ec] do_one_initcall+0x150/0x1b8
[ee631e20] [c0091dac] load_module+0x17d8/0x1f5c
[ee631ee0] [c009261c] sys_init_module+0xec/0x14c
[ee631f40] [c000e1ac] ret_from_syscall+0x0/0x3c
--- Exception: c01 at 0xff2d0a8
    LR = 0xfd2a09c
Instruction dump:
4e800020 39200000 38600000 38800000 913f08e8 48001369 907f08f0 80010014
83e1000c 38210010 7c0803a6 4e800020 <0fe00000> 9421ffe0 7c0802a6 bf810010
---[ end trace cb7b757a4229e596 ]---

Trace/breakpoint trap


Can someone guide me how to resolve this issue? What could be going wrong here?