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Cannot Connect to E02

Question asked by Dave Wills on May 29, 2014
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I am in urgent need of some advice.  I submitted a support request to Freescale, waited 2 days, got a couple of not very helpful emails, and then he disappeared again for 2 days.  I've also contacted my vendor for FAE support, but have not yet heard back.


A week ago I got a new PC board for a MKE02Z64VLC2 (32 pin LQFP).  I had been successfully working with a Freedom board with the same device, using the OpenSDA.  With the new board, I'm switching to the PE Multilink.  But I cannot connect with CodeWarrior to the new board.


The Multilink turns on the blue LED when I enumerate on USB, and the yellow LED when I apply power to my target.  This makes me believe at least that part of the link from CodeWarrior to the EO2 is working.


I have verified that power and ground are fine.


Nearly every pin on the device is I/O and all the signals appear to be normal (except for below).


Without the Multilink attached, there is no oscillation on the crystal.  I believe this is because it is not turned on in the completely blank new E02.


With or without the Multilink, there is a periodic sawtooth on /RESET.  The period is about 300 usec, or about 3K Hz.  I'm not sure, but I believe this might be the internal watchdog, also configured for default, to trigger at that period.


I've tried the Kinetis recovery tool (with the Multilink, of course) many, many times, but it will not connect to the E02.


The weird symptoms are the CLK and DIO pins on the board are not normal.  I've looked at them with a 'scope while trying to connect with CodeWarrior.


CLK actually goes negative by about a volt.  First, there are no negative supplies on the board.  There are a couple of RS-232 drivers with internal negative voltages, but I've verified there are no shorts.  I've also verified there are no floating Vdd or GND pins on the E02 and SWD connector that would cause this.


The DIO pin is also weird.  It sits somewhere between 4V and 5V, then starts toggling but not all the way between the rails.  And the high level seems to decay to a lower voltage with time.


I'll attach some 'scope traces.


Thanks for the time reading my post.