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Ltib and source control

Question asked by Barry Gravante on Aug 28, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2012 by Nikolay Chernov
How do people generally add the LTIB to their own source control?   (CVS, Subversion)?
Should we treat the cross compiler, linux, and GPL and user packages differently?
How do you build the source from scratch on a new machine from your own source control.    Do you first just install the latest LTIB, then check out the latest from your source control?   Or is everything built from your source control?
Do you source-control the source for every package, or just check in the patches with the tarball, spec file updates, etc.
I suppose the binary files of packages that we never touch only need to be checked in as tarballs instead of source?
Your experience here would be appreciated so I don't have to learn things the hard way