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About IOMUX tool v3.3.1 for i.MX53

Question asked by yuuki on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Rita Wang

I was able to find IOMUX tool v2.0.2 for MX53.

However, this version is not included the IO cell setting and C source creation function.


I found IOMUX tool v3.4.0.
v3.4.0 contains i.MX53_QSB_RevD.IoMuxDesign.xml.


However, If this xml is opened, an error will occur.
According to the error, It seems that v3.3.1 is used for this xml.
Please refer to an attached file.


I looked for IOMUX tool v3.3.1, however I was not able to find it.

May I have IOMUX tool v3.3.1?


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