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No Source Available KDS Debugger

Question asked by Joseph Gray on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by Joseph Gray

I'm having issues debugging applications with Kinetis Design Studio (the applications are built with Processor Expert). Whenever the Debugger starts, I get an error stating that no source is available for a specified location. This location changes periodically. Once the application starts, whenever I try to pause the debugger (and sometimes without any input from me), another error appears stating that no source is available for the _vect_table() at 0x0. From then on, clicking on resume only pauses the debugger with the same error. Sometimes it is possible to use the step over button or breakpoints to allow the debugger to run again, but this causes strange things to happen to the application. For example, stepping over an operation on an integer variable does not cause the variable to change, but several steps later, the debugger will jump back to that operation and change the variable (although not entirely as expected for the mathematical operation). The strange behavior appears to be due to compiler optimization and has been removed during the debugging process. This problem exists even with a newly created project with absolutely no user code. I simply create a new KDS project with Processor Expert, click on the generate code button, create a debug config for the project and then debug, and the no source errors occur. This makes debugging my applications nearly impossible. Any help would be most appreciated. I am using the TWR-K21F120M, KDS 1.0.1 [beta], and the included USB OSJTAG as the connection for the debugger. Attached are three screenshots, two showing the error in the debugger for a newly created project and one showing the debug configuration I'm using. Any help would be greatly appreciated!