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i.MX51 IDCODE version discrepency

Question asked by Wayne Eckertson on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by igorpadykov

I am seeing a discrepancy between the version bits of the BSDL IDCODE.  On some parts I am seeing a '0000' binary and on others (two so far) I am seeing a '0001' binary.  The chips look identical according to the markings on their case.  The BSDL file on the website calls out a '0000' binary for the version number of the IDCODE. 


Can someone tell me or show me a document that defines what the differences are between the these versions?  My fear is that I have some counterfeit chips.


The discrepancy caused my XJTAG software to stop with an error.  I have been told that I can modify the BSDL file to make the bit a don't care by replacing the 0 with an 'x'.    


attribute IDCODE_REGISTER of elvis_io_ring: entity is

"0000" & -- Version

"0001100100001100" & -- Part Number

"00000001110" & -- Manufacturer Identity

"1"; -- IEEE 1149.1 Requirement


Thanks for the help.