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i.MX53 DDR3 stress test - Not working for correct configuration

Question asked by Keshava G N on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2015 by Yang Liu

Hi all,



I am trying DDR stress test application by freescale on imx53.



I have custom board with following specs:



1GHz processor freq

400 GHz DDR freq

2 DDR3 chips with 128 MB each (total 256MB)



Previously I tried DDR stress test with input as:

1 DDR3 chip of 256 MB. In which DDR stress test is running fine.



But later I changed this to actual configuration (that is : 2 DDR

chips of 128 MB each) in which DDR stress test is failing.



Please help me to understand the problem.

Is there any particular changes needed in code/.inc file?




With regards,