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CRTOUCH can not work with 5-wire TP?

Question asked by Luo Deqiang on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by Luo Deqiang

Hi dears:

   I start work with CRTOUCH, and found some problem with CRTOCH and 5-wire TP.  I use "Xtrinsic CRTouch Capacitive and Resistive Touch-Sensing Platform Evaluation Board"

The 5-wire TP can work under mouse emulation tab.  And I successed calibration. But when I change to Gestures tab and start test, it shows:

"Multi-touch points NOT calibrated. Please calibrate first at the 'Calibration' tab."



Pls take a look at the following image:


The calibrationg is ok.





But here, it show calibration is not ok.





The data from IC looks ok.





When I use a 4-wire TP, it will work, but 5-wire TP not.

Anybody who met this problem before?


Thanks a lot!