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Embedded /etc/hosts file is being cleared (iMX6q SabreSD)...

Question asked by Steve Anderson on May 23, 2014

I am just beginning to experiment with the iMX6 SabreSD demo board.


I am trying to set up a work environment using an NFS share on the build machine where I used LTIB to build the demo system.

The host is a Virtual Machine with Ubuntu 9 and LTIB installed per the L3.0.35_4.1.0_130816 documentation.


I want to use host names instead of raw IP addresses, though I am currently using fixed IP addresses.

I thought that the hosts file would be the correct linuxy way to set names for addresses.


But the /etc/hosts file on the embedded board is cleared each boot cycle...

This seems to defeat, in my mind, the purpose of a hosts file...


How can I prevent this file from being cleared - or how can I set fixed IP host names that persist between boot cycles?


Message was edited by: Steve Anderson I clarified which system was sharing the NFS, and how it was set up.