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i.MX6 - Best way to enable ENET_1588_EVENT0_OUT PPS events to the pin.

Question asked by Justin Farrelly on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by Frank Chen

We have an i.MX6 board, Kernel 3.10.17 running, PTP clock support and PPS core registered....... now all we need to do in plumb in the IEEE1588 ENET_1588_EVENT0_OUT pin to the clock to get a PPS pulse for external use.

Looking at the device tree and looking around other documentation there do not seem to be any standard examples of doing this. We are confident we can organize this ourselves, but ideally if there is a standard way of doing this or an example or two we would appreciate it.

In essence we want to accomplish the connection of the adjustable timer module to the events generator to the ENET_1588_EVENT0_OUT pin. Any thoughts or direction on doing this appreciated.