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How to convert S-record (file ext .s29) to Absolute (.abs) format

Question asked by Jaspal Singh on May 23, 2014
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(I am relatively new to CodeWarrior and HCS12 devices, so please pardon me if you see holes in my statements below.. )


I need to convert an 's29' file to 'abs' format, so that I could download it directly to the Dragon12 board (has HCS12 chip), using CodeWarrior (Ver 5.1)


True Time simulator within CodeWarrior permits this, but requires the file to be in .abs format only.


Unfortunately, I only have the s29 file with me. The related absolute assembly file (.asm) I have, does not compile and as such I am not able to recreate the project, which would have regenerated the .abs file too.


CW has some inbuilt utilities, burner, decoder etc (and there are a couple on internet too, srecord-1.63), but it's not clear which is the best one, to do this job, without requiring / compiling additional libraries etc.


Presently I am using TinyBDM to load the s29 file onto the chip (EEPROM), through the BDM-IN port on the Dragon12 board, but this is a pain.


Any suggestions / solutions would be very much appreciated.


Many thanks,