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How to Make DMA-UART work with KL05 and series?

Question asked by Amit Kumar on May 23, 2014
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I am using code warrior 10.5 along with PE , I wanted to test a program in which I will be sending some commands using terminal window to UART0 and it will be received through DMA and will send it back to the terminal(with or without DMA). I have done this for K20 and other K series and it is working fine. But it didn't work with Kl05 and FRDM-Kl46Z here is the attached code . I tried the sample code present in the codewarrior for MKL05Z32VLF4. and also tried the code given in KLQRG, chapter no 7. even that didn't work. Please look into the matter and resolve this issue.


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