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Screen corruption with i.mx6 vivante driver after longer run time

Question asked by Peter Bauer on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by YenChin Lee

On a Utilite pro with kernel 3.0.35 and Ubuntu 12.04.3 the following problem appears when using

the system for longer runtime and using more the 60% of the 2 GB RAM.


Utilite & Trim-Slice Users Forum - View topic - Video Artifacts Using Ubuntu



Video_Artifact 1.JPG.jpg


When continuing to use the system when these artifacts appear, most

of the time an axi bus error with screen freeze happens.


The current workaround is to use a modified xorg.conf file

with the accelerated fbdev driver (loosing openGL acceleration), but not the vivante driver.


Has this problem been seen on other i.mx6 based systems/boards with 2 GB RAM ?


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Peter Bauer