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I2C is not working in PXS3020 micro cotnroller

Question asked by Rajvel M Murugesan on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by Petr Stancik



I am using PXS3020 micro controller for my application.


In this, I have written a code for I2C Functionality. while measuring the I2C clock it is found that i2C clock is not coming from all the three channel. Initially Both the clock and data line is High state. while  start transmission(while generating the start condition) both the clock and data line goes permanently low and it will not come back again High


while studying the reference manual the following points noted.


The I2C module has two operating modes: run mode and halt mode. In run mode, I2C_x=0 in the SIU_HLT0 register and all functional parts of the I2C module are running. In halt mode, I2C_x= 1 in the

SIU_HLT0 register and all clocks to the I2C module are disabled.



But we could not find the register details in the reference manual.


Is anywhere I have to enable the I2C clock..?


can any one help for the above issue



Rajvel M