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new CWH-CTP-BASE-HE not be used,hardware or software problem

Question asked by Zhao Tao on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by Zhao Tao

Hi ,

I have a trouble while using Freescale's CWH-CTP-BASE-HE(Version D) while debugging freescale P2020.  I use the TAP as follows


1,When I get the TAP, I pulged it's USB into PC (XP,SP3) and I can see the interface menu of driver install, and I can see the flashing red LED of TX/RX. That seems the TAP is OK.

2,Second,I got the windows development IDE and setup in PC.

3, I plug the USB TAP into PC again, then I see the driver installing process.But there is also an unkown device driver installed in PC which name is CDC serial.I am not sure whether it is important f    or the correct working of TAP?

4.Next, I meet some cased that I cannot understand:

  4.1 CASE1: I plug the TAP into the PC USB, usually ,offen, the LED of TX/RX is always RED? But accrording to the user mannual,this state is unkown?

  4,2 CASE 2: When CASE1 happen, I must wait one night time or long and then I try re-plug it into PC's USB port again, I can seemly reset the TAP to a konwn state. TX/RX keeping flashing red and then flashing green.But this case can only happen ONE TIME. Once I unplug the TAP and re-insert it to USB, CASE1 will appear!(troubleing?)

    Even CASE2 happen, I cannot get the TAP working with THE IDE in Freescale's P2020RDB-PCA board,and, say nothing of my own board.


W1: whether the TAP is hardware-damge? or

W2: whether my driver is correctly installed? or

W3: whether the IDE must register? or

W4: whether the operating step is wrong? or ......................


I learnd that this TAP is a new version, does anyone meet the same problem above?Help me with the trouble,very agent, thanks very much!!