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MQX FTP server lockup

Question asked by JEFF LEVIE on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by Abraham Valdiosera


I have a design using a K60f120 and MQX 4.02 with an FTP server using an MFS mounted SD card as the ftp root directory.


There are two things I have found that cause the ftp server to hang when an ftp 'LIST' command is sent by a client.


#1. Whenever a PASSIVE mode transfer is attempted.

#2. When ever there is not a valid gateway on the network (IE, when the IP address that the gateway is pointed at is not present on the network).


For example, if I am on network 10.0.0.x, with a gateway at, client at and the MQX app at, everything works fine as long as passive mode is off. Files can be transferred at reasonable rates, all is good. If the gateway machine at is removed from the network, the client can establish a connection with the MQX FTP server and login, but as soon as a LIST command is sent to get a file listing, the server locks up. The unit must be reset to recover.


Has anyone seen this type of behavior?