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Running I2s demo on twr-k60f120m

Question asked by Madalina Stanca on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by Madalina Stanca

Hy community,


I've tried to run I2s demo (MQX 4.0.2  and cw 10.3). Once I run the demo and I executed the  "play" command (to do that I copied a "*.wav" file to sd_card)


shell>play sai: a:\adios.wav


this is what i got :

Playback information

  Sampling frequency:     11025 Hz

  Bit depth:              8 bits

  Channels:               mono

  Data rate:              11 kbyte/s


  Playing a file...DONE


  Playback stats

  Total interrupts:              9048

  Bytes requested for transmit:  35900

  Bytes transmitted:             35900

  Underruns of hardware FIFO:    0

  Software buffer empty:         73


It looksl like it playing the file,but I couldn't get any sound out. I oscoped the line out jack and there is no signal on it.

Do I need to change anything?...

I've also tried the command "record" using: ...

shell> record sai: a:\test.wav 2:11025:8:1

but I don't know why is not recording, because I conected the jack between Line_out of my pc and Line_in of the board and in background play a "*.wav "

file with the same features from the parameters of task.

Any suggestion?