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officially supported kernel version for imx6

Question asked by Michael Banditt on May 22, 2014
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I'd like to hear what kernel versions are currently officially fully supported by Freescale?


Background: I am having a device from VIA Embedded Technologies (nice device), but they only provide a kernel 3.0.35, stating this is the official freescale supported kernel. On this forum, however, I read frequently the recommendation from freescale staff to move to 3.10.17, if possible.


So, what is the official stand currently? Is 3.0.35 fully supported for imx6? Will it continue to receive bug fixes in the same amount as 3.10.17?


If there were an official statement that 3.0.35 is EOL or going to be EOL soon, that would be important to convince VIA Technologies to provide a current 3.10.17 kernel.