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How can I set the MKL02Z to 48MHZ using FEI.

Question asked by clive palmer on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by Derrick Klotz


I am trying to set my MKL02Z16 to run at 48MHZ using the internal clock (FEI mode). I had written the code manually and had set MCG_C4 to have DRST_DRS to MID range  (01) and DMX32 to 1. Looking a the register description it suggested that this would give a FLL factor of 1464 and using the slow refrerence clock of 32.768KHZ I would get a DCO of approx. 48MHZ, and hence a MCGFLLCLK of 48MHZ.

I have just run through an exercise on processor expert to check my settings and although it will allow me to set a FLL factor of 1464 and does shows the correct 48MHZ frequency. It tells me it is not possible to set the requested value in the Problems Eclipse warning panel. This puzzles me. What have I overlooked or done wrong? How do I get 48MHz or is this not possible on the KL02 part?

I need to resolve this as all my peripheral clock have been set based upon a MCGFLLCLK of 48MHZ.