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[PLATFORM_SDK]How add gpio interrupt into Platform SDK

Question asked by Tong Chunyang on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by Tong Chunyang

Hello Everyone


Now I want to add a gpio interrupt test code into Platform SDK.

And all is run well (Coding/Compiling/Start Runing), but when run time with doing GPIO interrupt there is no response.



1, source code in ../sdk/drivers/gpio/test/gpio_interrupt_test.c

#include "sdk.h"
#include "gpio/gpio.h"
#include "core/interrupt.h"

#include <stdio.h>

#define GPIO5_ICR1    ((uint32_t *)(0x20ac00c))
#define GPIO5_IMR    ((uint32_t *)(0x20ac014))
#define GPIO5_PIN10    (10)

//globals used for gpio_irq_test
unsigned int gpio_irq_served;

void gpio_interrupt_handler(void)
    printf("GPIO5 has been interrupted\n");
    gpio_irq_served = TRUE;

int gpio_irq_test(void)
    printf("Start GPIO5 IRQ test:\n");


    gpio_set_direction(GPIO_PORT5, GPIO5_PIN10, GPIO_GDIR_INPUT);
    *(GPIO5_ICR1) = (uint32_t)0xc00;    // GPIO5 ICR1 falling edge for IO5
    *(GPIO5_IMR)  = (uint32_t)0x20;     // GPIO5 IMR enabling mask for IO5

    /* register the IRQ sub-routine */
    register_interrupt_routine(IMX_INT_GPIO5_INT15_0, gpio_interrupt_handler);

    /* enable the IRQ */
    enable_interrupt(IMX_INT_GPIO5_INT15_0, CPU_0, 0);

    while (gpio_irq_served == FALSE);

    return TEST_PASSED;


2, Calling of the function defined above hase been added into all_test.c whitch placed into ../apps/sdk_unit_test/src/

3, Also I have just added the test printf into the source file of interrupt.c, whitch stored at ../sdk/core/src

//! @brief Handles IRQ exceptions.
__attribute__ ((interrupt("IRQ")))
void IRQ_HDLR(void)
    // vectNum = RESERVED[31:13] | CPUID[12:10] | INTERRUPT_ID[9:0] 
    // send ack and get ID source 
    uint32_t vectNum = gic_read_irq_ack();
    printf("[IRQ_HDLR]start, vectNum = 0x%x\n", vectNum);


4, When compiled finished, I just run the test and got the result like below:


Just like described above, I found that in the Platform_SDK, the interrupt function named IRQ_HDLR[intterrupt.c] could not be executed at all


Could anyone please tell me how to enable interrupt execution about Platform SDK?