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SPI in u-boot

Question asked by Niklas Molin on May 21, 2014
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I'm trying to activate the SPI in u-boot and have a based my code from the SabreSD.

In the SabreSD there is already a SPI1, which can be activated via #define CONFIG_MXC_SPI (also using CONFIG_CMD_SPI, to test the SPI interface).

I have modified the IOMUX setting for this SPI interface to match out board.

It seems to be working fine.

But I also added SPI4 to the code (including IOMUX setting etc.).

But when I try to us that one, it get stuck.

After some debugging it seems like the status register never get the TC bit set.

After some more debugging, it seems like the status register always says the TX FIFO is empty (bit 0 and 1 are set), even after I have written to the TXDATA register.

When I look at the status register when using SPI1, those bits are cleared.

Is there something I'm missing to add when I added SPI4 (is there another place I need to modify when I'm adding this extra SPI bus)?