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USB Sticks write error

Question asked by Ivo Senn on May 21, 2014



I'm using MQX4.1 with the  TWR-K60D100M and Keil IDE. I'm using the mfs and USB host of the MQX to write data to an USB Stick. I modified the example of the mfs_usb in the shell.c that every 400ms the string: "2014-05-14;13:59:45;2,4979e+01;\n" is added to a file on the stick. With older sticks sized up to about 8GB everithing works fine. Also with a bigger newer one 128GB Verbatim 49064 everything is ok. With the Stick from Kingston DT101 G2 and a Verbatim SSD with 256GB both formated as FAT32, the writing works for a few minutes. The writing of this few bytes takes about 500ms to 1s on this Sticks, which I think is very long. After a few minutes of logging the writes doesn' work anymore and I get a write timeout. On the USB I can see that a data out Package is repeated many times and the Stick always gives a NAK. Does anybody know similar problems or does anybody know a solution?


Regards Ivo 

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