Adeneo Embedded releases latest updated WEC7 & WEC2013 BSPs for the i.MX6

Discussion created by witekio on May 20, 2014

Adeneo has made some significant improvements in the Windows Embedded Compact BSPs for the i.MX6 platforms and have just released the latest version. Please visit our website to download the latest version of the binary images OR sources BSP if you have already purchased the same.


Some of the improvements made in the BSP include:

- Improved and more comprehensive cahce code 

- enhanced code reuse across platforms for easier update & maintenance

- fixed core timer

- customer feedback based improvements and validation

For more information or questions, please contact Adeneo sales at :

For North America, Canada, Asia and South America customers: sales.amer@adeneo-embedded.com

For EMEA customers: sales.emea@adeneo-embedded.com