Derek Snell

Updated Project for USB Host Stack v4.1.1 msd_mfs_generic kinetis_l2k

Discussion created by Derek Snell Employee on May 20, 2014

I was working with the latest MCU Baremetal USB stack v4.1.1, trying to build the example project for the msd_mfs_generic on the Kinetis L KL25.  This example uses the USB Host stack to mount a USB flash drive.  The projects for the KL25 are called kinetis_l2k.  But I found that the CodeWarrior project for this example would not build in CodeWarrior v10.6.  I had to modify the project, and one source file to get it to build, and attached is the patch to use with these changes.  I tested this with the Tower board TWR-KL25Z48M.  Also note, this example uses UART0 on the KL25 to print to the terminal.  This does not go to the OpenSDA COM port, or the TWR-SER serial port.  Instead, the UART Tx signal goes to signal A42 of the Tower edge connector.


To apply this patch, unzip the attached file with the CodeWarrior project closed to the directory \Freescale USB Stack v4.1.1\Source\Host\examples\msd_mfs_generic, then import the project directory into CodeWarrior C:\Freescale\Freescale USB Stack v4.1.1\Source\Host\examples\msd_mfs_generic\cw10\kinetis_l2k

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