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Problem in Flash Sector Erase

Question asked by Arnold Bischof on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by Arnold Bischof


I am implementing a Firmware downloader on a custom MK10 board. I need Flash_EraseSector() and Flash_SetLongFlash() for this functionality.

The command EraseSector does not work as expected.

When I step with the debugger through the code the Flash_EraseSector() function normally works but sometimes I get a RDCOLERR in the FTFL_STAT Register. (I erase only sectors that are not used by the actual running program).

If I do not step and let the Program run at normal speed, it restarts and shows the LOCKUP bit in the SRS1 of the RCM. (The interrupts are disabled during the erase call)


Does anybody have a good advise for this Problem?