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Modify start address in MQX project with Keil uVision4

Question asked by Wayne Lai on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2014 by Wayne Lai

The bootloader is programmed from 0x0~0x9FFF.

Application is programmed begin from 0xA000.

After bootloader programming the application, it will jump to 0xA000.

So, we need to modify the MQX application project to begin from 0xA000.

We've modify below settings.

#define BSP_INTERNAL_FLASH_BASE 0x0000A000

#define __VECTOR_TABLE_ROM_START 0x0000A000


We also modify the .scf file with below value, original is 0x00000000.

#define INTFLASH_BASE_ADDR0x0000A000

The map file seems ok, but can not execute the application correctly.

.vectors_rom                        0x0000a000   Section1024  vectors.o(.vectors_rom)
__tagsym$$used                      0x0000a000   Number    0  vectors.o(.vectors_rom)
.cfmconfig                          0x0000a400   Section  16  vectors.o(.cfmconfig)
__tagsym$$used                      0x0000a400   Number    0  vectors.o(.cfmconfig)
!!!main                             0x0000a410   Section   8  __main.o(!!!main)
!!!scatter                          0x0000a418   Section  52  __scatter.o(!!!scatter)
!!dczerorl2                         0x0000a44c   Section  90  __dczerorl2.o(!!dczerorl2)
!!handler_copy                      0x0000a4a8   Section  26  __scatter_copy.o(!!handler_copy)
!!handler_zi                        0x0000a4c4   Section  28  __scatter_zi.o(!!handler_zi)
. text                              0x0000a4e0   Section  76  boot.o(. text)

Did we miss some configuration so it can not be executed correctly ?

Please advise, thanks.