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Move Project from CW10.2 to CW10.4

Question asked by rabbit on May 18, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by rabbit

I have a project fully function at CW10.2, I move it to CW10.4 today,  it fails the compiler in many place.

it even fails on "MK60DZ10.h" in


typedef struct GPIO_MemMap {

  uint32_t PDOR;                                   /**< Port Data Output Register, offset: 0x0 */

  uint32_t PSOR;                                   /**< Port Set Output Register, offset: 0x4 */

  uint32_t PCOR;                                   /**< Port Clear Output Register, offset: 0x8 */

  uint32_t PTOR;                                   /**< Port Toggle Output Register, offset: 0xC */

  uint32_t PDIR;                                   /**< Port Data Input Register, offset: 0x10 */

  uint32_t PDDR;                                   /**< Port Data Direction Register, offset: 0x14 */

} volatile *GPIO_MemMapPtr;  ===>Fails on compiler, says "illegal function definition"


Does anyone have suggestions?