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FRDM-KE02Z with an external SWD programmer/debugger

Question asked by Forest Darling on May 18, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by Jorge_Gonzalez

I have a Kinetis E series evaluation board, the FRDM-KE02Z, and also have a USBDM that supports programming the MKE02Z64 (MKE02Z64VQH2) chip present on this board. I am interested in using this external programmer instead of the onboard OpenSDA programmer.


I removed the 0 ohm resistor R35 and populated J5 with a header so I can put a jumper block on it. When the jumper is not present, the target chip's reset line is isolated from OpenSDA output for it. The other clock and data lines involved with SWD aren't isolated technically, but there are tri-state buffers that the OpenSDA chip usually leaves disconnected unless it's trying to program the target (I assume.)


However, when I try flashing an empty barebones project in CodeWarrior using the USBDM I get an error:


Error launching testprj_FLASH_USBDM

ARM GDI Protocol Adapter : Can't connect. BDM has no connection to target


If I don't have the development board's mini-USB connector attached to my computer providing power to the board, I get this error message instead:


Error launching testprj_FLASH_USBDM

ARM GDI Protocol Adapter : Can't connect. Target Vdd not present


This leads me to believe that the USBDM is working as far as it's ability to detect Vdd (aka Vcc), but can't actually communicate with the target chip.


Has anyone used an external programmer with the FRDM-KE02Z? If so, what's the trick to it? I'd especially like to know if anyone's done it with the USBDM.